About “Adis” eco project

About our Character  “Adis”= Attitude to defend inalterable systems


Concept planned by TORU KUKI
Character designed by AKIRA WATANABE
AtCrew production




答え「ポセイドンの赤ん坊」「POSEIDON`S  BABY











赤ん坊の名前は“Adis”= Attitude to defend inalterable systems





Concept character proposal outline and explanation


Concept planned by TORU KUKI

Character designed by AKIRA WATANABE

AtCrew production


Question  “POSEIDON `S?”



The world was a “chaos” in the beginning.

Two gods were born and the primitive society started.

Social order and the genealogy were built, and then, consideration and disorder of society started to arise in the mean time Desire is one of them and it turned out to be contention.

After all, they made peace and social order was balanced It’s genesis of myths.

At this stage, the unique balances of three rules were created.

*Zeus (Amaterasu)/heaven, the sky (space), and daytime

*Poseidon (Susanoo)/sea and the earth

*Hades (Tsukiyomi)/underground, prefecture, and night

These 3 gods ruled the world and their perfect harmony produced the new social order and genealogy, which is the history, continues.

And in the history, there’re always these 3 things exist, Creation, Peace, and destruction

Back to the original subject.

“POSEIDON’S BABY” contains the meaning that we exist in the genealogy as someone who keeps the rules because we entrust the earth and the sea with our lives.

Genealogy is role, and social order is to handle the role.

We, human beings feel so powerless under the deep sea, and also in outer space if we were astronauts. We can only dig into a few kilometers from the surface of the ground.

This is not a story of mythical world but an existing reality.

We should work on our roles in the meaning of belong the part of nature and components of this world.

“POSEIDON’S BABY” tell us what our roles are. That is to say we are the

“POSEIDON’S BABY” ourselves.  And if we can’t handle our roles, we have to let the world to be back to the beginning as a chaos.

We probably will be able to understand our roles by figuring out how to raise the

“POSEIDON’S BABY”  A person can memorize some meanings by seeing the appearance of embodiment. And also, according to the cranial nerve study research in recent years, it’s said that we can memorize things more deeply when they’re accompanied by our feelings.

So I created a symbol which might attract someone without unpleasant emotions in any race, nationality, sex, age and etc

“Poseidon’s BABY”, it was born to recover the order of nature that we need now.

BABY Name is “Adis”- attitude to defend inalterable systems


*This content is a story that we constructed in the origin of the personal point of view, and no one to slander another slandering. Moreover, please approve to the world no one of the outline that fuels the disturbance and the sense of crisis it.